MBBS Education Abroad – Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study at Low Cost

mbbs in abroad for indian students at low cost

To study MBBS in India is more expensive while compared to other many countries. This is one of the main reasons why Indian students approach foreign countries to fulfill their dreams. A student in India has to spend almost 75 lakh to pursue MBBS, but if he/she does MBBS in foreign countries, it will be only 60 lakh.

Due to higher fees in India, students either choose to study in a government institution in India or relocate to foreign country. But to get admission in a government medical college, students have to face more competition as the numbers of institutions are very less. As per the records, there were 7 lakh students across India who competed for 25,085 merit seats for MBBS in government colleges in 2016.

So if your ambition is to become a doctor, either try to work hard to get through National eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) or check for the colleges to pursue MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost.

MBBS in foreign countries is quite cheaper and provides quality education. But make sure you choose the right college abroad.

Check and select the best country to study MBBS for Indian students from this top 10 list:

1. China

china college

In China, the 45 medical institutions  are approved by MCI. In order to get quality education, it is advisable. MBBS degree certificate and practical experience you acquire is valid worldwide. So this will be a good choice and best country to study MBBS for Indian students.

Here are some prominent colleges in China:

2. Philippines

philippines college

Philippines is one of the best choices for India students to fulfill their MBBS degree at low cost. The colleges at Philippines follows American teaching format. So, the communication skills will increase along with the quality education. MCI screening test can be cleared easily to get a seat in the top university at Philippines. The cost will be around 25 lakh which is less than studying MBBS in Indian universities.

Some of the best colleges in Philippines

3. Nepal

nepal college

Aspirants can get quality education from medical colleges in Nepal. They can also enjoy a pleasant weather there. There are numerous medical colleges in Nepal those who are seeking to study MBBS with the help of abroad consultants. The colleges in Nepal are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI).

If you are looking forward to pursue MBBS from Nepal, check out the names of colleges:

4. Ukraine

ukraine colleges

Ukraine offers a quality education for MBBS aspirants at low cost, low tuition fee and altogether the best spot for an affordable destination for Indian students. The colleges in Ukraine are globally recognized by international bodies and organizations like Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization, UNESCO, FAIMER and AMEE. Since the teacher-student ratio is 1:10, students can get a personal attention for world-class sessions.

Here are some of the colleges in Ukraine for pursuing MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost:

5. Kyrgyzstan

Get affordable MBBS programs in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students. The cost of education will only between Rs. 12 – 18 lakh. If you need to get an MBBS degree at low cost, it is better to consider this nation. You can approach the college in the month of July and the admission will complete within 20 days. Every student who has got a minimum of 50% marks in 12th with Biology, Chemistry and Physics are eligible to apply for MBBS here.

Here are some of the reputed institutions:

6. Russia

russia college

To get a MBBS degree from a European country is quite expensive, but Russia is offers a low cost yet world class education. You don’t need to follow chain of rules to get admission in Russian colleges for MBBS. If you have 50% marks in 12th std, you are eligible to apply.

Some of the good medical institutions in Russia are:

7. Poland

Poland offers world-class European education system. Along with 1 year of preparatory course, you will get an MBBS degree after successful completion of 6 years. The medium of instruction is English, so you can easily improve communication skills too.

Here are some of the best colleges in Poland to pursue MBBS degree:

8. Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers a quality MBBS education along with low cost which is affordable to any aspirants. If you are a candidate who scored 60% or more in 12th for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you are and eligible candidate. The admission for Bangladeshi and international students are different as international students can apply in SAARC quota and also as non-quota aspirants in private colleges.

Check out some of the best colleges in Bangladesh:

9. USA

usa colleges

Get the well structured MBBS program with advanced developments in technology and medicine. Those who wish to pursue MBBS from USA must clear MCAT to9est. The duration of course is 4 years in which it is divided into pre-clinical and clinical courses.

Some of the best colleges are:

  • East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine
  • University of New Mexico School of Medicine
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  • University of Central Florida College of Medicine

10. Germany

If you want to study MBBS in Germany, it is mandatory to clear IELTS AND TOEFL exams. You get a quality medical education as this nation has many renowned institutions in the world. Germany offers many part-time jobs for the students, so you get a quality education in one of the best universities along with a part-time job.

Some of the best medical institutions of Germany:

So, as of now you are clear with the list of countries that offer MBBS education to Indian students at affordable cost. But make sure you work hard to serve the people well.

Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study at Low Cost

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