There are lot of students are opting to study MBBS in abroad University.

The reason is the student are showing interest to study MBBS in foreign university. The parents and student are selecting to study MBBS in China Russia Ukraine Philippines etc.

Here, I explain about important things we should take care before to take a decision to study MBBS in China and   Russia, Ukraine etc…

  1. The parents and students should visit MCI website to ensure the University has listed in MCI approved university.
  2. The student should qualify in NEET exam. The MCI has given rule that to study in foreign University student should qualify in NEET exam to practice in India.
  3. The medium of MBBS in foreign university should be in English. Each country conduct MBBS course in their native languages. Also there will be bilingual course. The student has to take care before selecting to study in foreign countries.
  4. The climate, food, accommodation, study facility are key factors in Abroad study. Foreign university keeps International standards. Even if, the student should analyses via different sources like website former students references.
  5. The another important thing is educational consultancy. The students and parents should study about education consultancy. The eduzone consultancy   has 16 years’ experience in foreign MBBS consultancy.


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