Study in Ukraine


Education in Ukraine is golden opportunity to the students who wants to get higher medical education.As per Figure released by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 66,000 students from 147 country study medicine in UK universities.About 3,000 students study MBBS in Ukraine from India itself.

There are lot of features with study medicine in Ukraine.
Advantages of studying in Ukraine is focus on individual students learning.The study in Ukraine is a gateway to other European countries .as it has bilateral study agreement students can visit Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic.

The student who have completed medical degree in Ukraine can apply for international licensing includes MCI screening test, USMLE ( USA ) PLAB (UK) .

The curriculum comprises 360 credits.It consists of 10 semesters. The compulsory subjects are physics .chemistry, biology, English.

The Ukraine is famous for its Crimean Mountains and Dnieper River. The national currency is Hryvnia.  International currency code is UHR. This can exchanged at airports. In Ukraine bank Card as such as Debit Card and Credit Card are acceptable.

The climate in Ukraine can be described as dry and Continental influences in the year. The temperature day time in summer reach 25-30 C. Sometime this will be quiet higher 35° C or more .July is the warmest month and average temperature is 24 degree Celsius.

The borispol airport is main airport.  The student can reach university by using Taxi, bus, airport shuttle services .there is traditional railway route with Germany .Bulgaria, Slovak, Czech and Poland.

Also student who study MBBS in Ukraine can travel anywhere in the country.
As per the accommodation the universities have its own hostel. The price for hostel starts from 100 dollar. Student can live with in one or two roommates.
Also student can prefer flat.
Another thing is Ukraine has lot of cooking traditions. Anyone can learn interesting and tasty recipes.


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