Study MBBS in Egypt

Egypt, a country located in the northeast corner of Africa, is gaining prominence in the field of medical education.  Sudan, Libya, and Israel share a border with Egypt.

Egypt is the third most populous country in Africa.  The Egyptian capital, Cairo, is the largest city in the Middle East.  The Nile is one of the longest rivers in Africa.  It passes through Egypt.  The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
The uniqueness of Egypt’s history does not end here.  The 365-day calendar was introduced to the world by Egypt.

90% of the people in Egypt follow Islam.  MBBS study in Egypt is of a very high standard, so many students from India go to Egypt to study MBBS.  Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Things To Know About MBBS in Egypt

  • One of the important things that Indian students going for MBBS study need to know is about security in Egypt.
    Egypt has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • Similarly, one of the things that students need to know is about universities.  Students are admitted to universities recognized by the World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India.
  • Universities in Egypt are organized in English medium.  It attracts a large number of students from foreign countries to the University of Egypt.
  • The climate in Egypt is very favorable for foreign students coming for MBBS studies

MBBS at a Glance

  • The best colleges recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization are available in Egypt.
  • Faculties with many years of teaching experience make Egyptian universities excellent.
  • Minimum budget hostels are also available for foreign medical students.  Eco-friendly campuses that inspire medical study make Egyptian medical studies excellent.
  • Universities offer medical insurance for students coming from abroad for medical studies.
  • Egyptians are friendly to help students coming to Egypt.  You will not feel the isolation of being a new person in Egypt.
  •  Egyptian universities make students more efficient by activating extracurricular activities.

Admission Procedures, documentation

  • It is important to note that the admission process is very easy for students leaving for Egypt to study.
  • Students wishing to be admitted to Egyptian universities must apply by the end of July.  Classes begin in the first weeks of September.


Benefits: StudyMBBS  in Egypt

  • Egyptian universities charge tuition fees that are affordable to foreign medical students.
    Scholarships are given to students for medical studies.
  • Doctors who have completed medical studies at Egyptian universities are working all over the world.
  • Students have the opportunity to study at the best recognized universities.
  • Students who come to study in Egypt get to know the cultures along with their studies.

Benefits for Indian Students

  • Tuition fees range from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 32 lakh.  The tuition fee is after all expenses are included.
  • Students who have completed their medical studies in Egypt can pursue a PG or degree from a German university.
  •   The academic period in India is also the same in Egyptian universities. it is Five years of medical studies and one year of internship.  Students can also do internships in India.
  • Clean and hygienic hostel l facilities are available at Egyptian universities. Internet access is available 24 hours a day.  Separate hostel facilities are also available for boys and girls.  Each hostel is equipped with CCTV cameras.

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