The Ningbo University students bags Golden Wins in FGM test  


The success of the students have shown in the examination which participated from 45 University in China. The Medical Council of India conducted this exam in  2018.

Parents testify that the best coaching at the Ningbo University enabled students to perform better.  The mock exams were also conducted for students. The students say that the MCI exam is not afraid at the test and they can succeed with correct learning.

The other campaigns against FGM, students say they are wrong. Also, Students pointed out that this was proof that students were successful in the first attempt. The expert teachers were brought from India for MCI coaching in Ningbo universities.  There was continuous monitoring to assess students level of learning.


The FGM exam conducted by Medical Council of India constitutes two times in a year.

The candidates who have secured 150 marks in 300 marks will pass the examination.

The deadline for writing the exam is unlimited.

The Ningbo University students were provided with FGM coaching.  This was very useful for FGM students.  Nowadays most of the students are selected to study MBBS in foreign countries.

With modern education, capable of providing special research are benefits of foreign universities.


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