Why study MBBS in china?

China is one of the most populous country in the world. China has a population of 1.40 4 million. One of the oldest Civilization in the world is Chinese culture. The country has become the world’s economic power house today. China consists of 5 autonomous regions and Four direct controlled municipality. The Beijing is the fastest growing capital of country.

Ten thousands of Indian students are going to study MBBS in China every year. When Lakhs of students write in the entrance examination in India only few students get admission in the merit seats. The others who didn’t get the merit seat seek private medical colleges. Here, fees are very high. The ordinary students cannot afford this huge amount. This is the context thousands of Indian students are choosing to study MBBS in Chinese universities. Chinese universities that have higher academic standards have become a major choice for Indian students.


The medical Council of India has sanctioned 45 University in China. The all of this universities are recognized by the World Health Organization. The Chinese universities don’t charge for donation and capitation fee. Furthermore , it offers the lowest fees for Indian students. Therefore, for common students don’t feel financial responsibility. The admission to Chinese universities are simple and systematic.

The China is the world most populous country .so huge patient arrive in the hospital. Moreover, the major universities in China all centered on largest cities. The Chinese universities are becoming increasingly popular among Indian students.

The MBBS study in China is Five years. There is one option to do housergency in China. Otherwise, students can come to India after 5 years and write the Medical Council of India test. After the completion of the Test student can take housergency in Indian universities. In addition, Chinese universities offer a lot of opportunities for practical experience. The curriculum in Chinese universities are compatible with Foreign Students. The Chinese universities offer high quality medical education.

The Chinese government has made very high amount of money to study research in the budget every year. As such Indian students are allowed to study in boarder classrooms and in most advanced Labs. In addition the scholarship are awarded to those who are excellence in course and in non-curriculum activities.

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